Elder Mediation

Excalibur's Elder Mediation Services

What is Elder Mediation?
Elder mediation is a distinct specialty in the field of mediation. It is a cooperative-process in which the mediator helps facilitate discussions and, from time to time, resolves disputes that occur in the family life cycle. Elder mediation is an important step in the continuum of care-promoting autonomy and wellness, facilitating the development of prevention strategies to minimize the need for the assignment of a Power of Attorney.

We live in interesting times.
Between the year 2000 and 2028 the population of persons over the age of 65 will have risen by over 120%, from 1,470,740 to an estimates 3,323,370. As this population growth unfolds the baby boom generation will enjoy levels of prosperity and affluence that were for previous generations, unimaginable. Conversely, as the aging population grows there will be health, family and economic challenges that no generation of professionals or caregivers has ever encountered. In this evolving demographic shift Elder Mediation will become more and more important.

Our service brings together a variety of sources and expert professionals who incorporate a series of themes and priorities into their work with elders and their families. They include but are not limited to the following;

  • Elder Mediation as a form of restorative justice.
  • The social constriction of reality in the context of aging.
  • The relationship of assertive communication, active listening skills and stress management.
  • The seven negotiation principles of alternative to dispute resolution.
  • The neuropathology of aging.
  • The creation of family dialogues around estate planning and estate management.
  • The construction of process checklists to anticipate the needs of the individual in relation to the heath care community with particular emphasis on the relationships of Community Care Access Centre's and local Senior assisting living alternatives.