Excalibur provides effective, professional services in Mediation, Organization Development, and Workplace Investigation to clients in the following areas of Eastern Ontario:

Excalibur's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services consist of Mediation and Workplace Investigations. Our associates are members of the ADR Institute of Ontario and the ADR Institute of Canada and adhere to the professional standards set by both institutes.

Although our services are available off-site in the Brockville, Belleville and Peterborough areas, we encourage parties to convene at Excalibur's Resource Centre in Wilton Ontario. Our Wilton Resource Centre is a facility specifically designed to provide dispute resolution services with comfortable, quiet spaces for parties to engage in either joint sessions (both parties meeting in the same room with the mediator or arbitrator) or caucus sessions for mediations (parties meeting in separate areas of the Resource Centre with the mediator shuttling between the two or three parties). Excalibur believes that, by providing a comfortable environment free of distractions and by having the parties work with an effective ADR professional, the parties will be successful in generating a consensual closure to their disputes.

In providing Organization Development services, Excalibur can provide a team of consultants to develop an analytical profile of your organization, assist your management staff in increasing operational efficiencies and develop a workable plan with respect to setting and attaining future goals. We accomplish this by providing a team with a wide array of expertise in different professional areas (accounting, management practices, corporate law, market research etc.)