Organization Development

FAQ's About Organization Development

What is strategic planning?
Strategic planning is a management tool used to determine the future direction an organization needs to follow in order to be successful. Once that direction has been established:
• goals are identified
• steps that the organization must follow to achieve those goals are elaborated
• assessment tools are put in place to monitor the organization's progress towards those goals.

What is organizational analysis?
Organizational analysis is one management tool within the process of strategic planning. The end goal of organizational analysis is to generate an organizational profile which compares existing policies and procedures with recognized "best practices" within a similar context (similar industry, similar market conditions, etc.). From this comparison, the gaps can be identified between what processes are actually occurring within an organization and what processes should be occurring in order to reach the goals set by management.

Why hire an outside advisor to provide organizational analysis and strategic planning services?
An outside advisor can provide expertise from the perspective of an impartial, independent observer. The outside advisor has no vested interest in pre-determining the results of the analysis and planning exercise. Pre-existing group and individual biases which may exist within the existing management structure of an organization will not have the same impact on the outcomes of the planning exercise if an outside advisor is brought in to provide organizational analysis and strategic planning services.

How much does it cost to purchase Excalibur's organizational analysis and strategic planning services?
The cost for various analysis and planning exercises will vary considerably, depending on the complexity of the project (which translates into the amount of time required). An initial assessment will be provided by Excalibur at no charge to the potential client. Following the initial (free) assessment, applicable fees for any further work will be clearly outlined in writing to the potential client before moving forward.