Workplace investigations

FAQ's About Workplace Investigations

How complicated is it to conduct a Workplace Investigation?
The end result of a workplace investigation is a final report which summarizes the findings of the investigation, provides possible options and makes recommendations.  The investigative process leading to that report can be relatively straightforward or quite complex, depending on the mandate of the investigation, the number of documents to be reviewed, the number of people to be interviewed and the legal (usually related to human rights) issues that may be involved.

Under what circumstances should an organization consider engaging an external workplace investigator?
Investigating alleged cases of sexual harassment, for example, require detailed planning by (preferably) an investigator with experience in dealing with such complaints.  Protection of the privacy rights of  both the person making the claim and the person against whom the allegation has been made is critical.  Many organizations do not have the in-house expertise or personnel resources available to conduct a thorough, impartial and credible investigation, in which case hiring a professional external investigator may be an attractive option.

What services does Excalibur provide in conducting workplace investigations?
Excalibur can provide a team of people who, collectively have the necessary training and background in conducting workplace investigations and in applicable human rights and privacy regulations.   We also have extensive experience in producing succinct, thorough reports tailored to meet the needs of each individual end user.

How much does it cost to purchase Workplace Investigation services?
The cost for various workplace investigations will vary considerably, depending on the complexity of the issue(s) to be resolved (which translates into the amount of time required).   An initial assessment will be provided by Excalibur at no charge to the potential client. Following the initial (free) assessment, applicable fees for any further work will be clearly outlined in writing to the potential client before moving forward.